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Competition for untidiest garage/workshop!
donut - 6/3/06 at 03:40 PM

Please post photo's so we can see who has the worst, messiest, untidiest garage on this forum. I'll post some pics when i have been out to the garage. Bob, garyGSX, Desyboy and Deckman can all vouch for how untidy mine is.

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bimbleuk - 6/3/06 at 03:45 PM

Just a couple of weeks earlier and I would a been a contender!

Total clean out, custom units built from all the scrap wood and some very handy shelving to spread all my tools over!

donut - 6/3/06 at 03:50 PM

Theres now a compotition for the tidiest garage!!

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donut - 6/3/06 at 03:58 PM

Ok here are my pics:
Please note, this is tidy for me!!!!

Image deleted by owner


CommanderAce - 6/3/06 at 04:04 PM

thats one nice horse on wheels!

k33ts - 6/3/06 at 04:07 PM

ithis is after a very good tidy
donut your still in the lead

donut - 6/3/06 at 04:31 PM


thats one nice horse on wheels!

It's my next project. I was thinking V8, Wide wheels, aero screen, big spoiler and a hay bag!

Howlor - 6/3/06 at 04:37 PM

I would say looking at it that it is the 1 brake horse power model? Am i right?!

donut - 6/3/06 at 04:41 PM

Correct! Not the quickest but hey look at that coat!! BLING!!

donut - 6/3/06 at 04:49 PM

Where's the pic?

indykid - 6/3/06 at 04:50 PM

does this trump it?

the bench is after a good tidy. if the garage wasn't double, i'd be knackered!

tom Rescued attachment garage messy.jpg
Rescued attachment garage messy.jpg

MikeR - 6/3/06 at 04:50 PM

damn, i threw out the packaging the tumble drier came in the other week - would have defo won then

rwdmini - 6/3/06 at 04:50 PM

ok , not a locost , but still a messy garage , hope no one minds me posting this as my first post

donut - 6/3/06 at 04:51 PM

And i thought mine was bad!!! he he

indykid - 6/3/06 at 04:58 PM

this is the bench normally.

we're currently trying to muck it all out so when i get my old indy back, i can rebuild the new one side by side. this does mean a lot of stuff needs shifting though!

we've made loads from weighing in scrap though. it's the sorting through boxes that makes the most mess


donut - 6/3/06 at 05:00 PM

Hire a skip!! that's what i used to do.

indykid - 6/3/06 at 05:13 PM

post NOW!
silly bloody huge bitmap files

tom Rescued attachment garage messy bench.jpg
Rescued attachment garage messy bench.jpg

donut - 6/3/06 at 05:31 PM

So far Indykid you are the winner!!

indykid - 6/3/06 at 06:04 PM

should i be proud?


theconrodkid - 6/3/06 at 06:10 PM

oi you havnt seen mine yet....when i can get in there ill take pic

Volvorsport - 6/3/06 at 06:31 PM

dont let me post pics of my new huge workshop

tri - 6/3/06 at 08:30 PM

My dad tidies up too much to show it if it was mine i am sure i'd win but i got him to tidy up as i go i knew i'd find a use for him apart from walking bank


emsfactory - 6/3/06 at 08:33 PM

You should all be ashamed. How the hell can you work in those?

I always thought posting pics of your garage was a silly idea. Security an all that.

For security reasons you could put a picture of the inside of the garage on the outside of the door. Any intruder would be too scared of getting lost or getting impaled to carry on.

David Jenkins - 6/3/06 at 08:54 PM

IndyKid - I admit defeat, you are the Master!

My garage looks like The Ritz in comparison...