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Author: Subject: Astratech data logger/micro dash.

posted on 3/2/11 at 08:53 PM Reply With Quote
Astratech data logger/micro dash.

I'm going down another route now so this is for sale...

A complete Astratech 9200 data logging system.

This system was a special version made by Astratech for RC car use, but the only difference is the wiring loom/connectors which are shorter with smaller connectors (3 pin connectors as used on rc servos by futaba/hitec/sanwa etc etc). Servo extension leads can used to extend the wiring or a new loom/connectors could easily be made.

Everything is included:-

Track side beacon, IR receiver, HT lead pick up (rpm), speed sensor pickup (and spare magnets), 6617 G sensor pickup, temp sensor, display/logger unit, PC data cable, Astratech race analysis software V2.49 and the user manuals.

Also included are 2 special parts made by Astratech for rc use, one is a voltage step up power adapter (5 -6v to 12v convertor) so the data logger can run from a 5v or 6v battery in the car. The second is a 2 channel rc interface so that the servo positions (throttle and steering) can be logged. Neither are needed if it's used in a car or kart but i'll include them any way.

This system was over 1k new a few years ago. Ideal as a race/road car data logger. It can be expanded with other/extra sensors too.

200 seem fair?

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