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Author: Subject: Sierra lsd with push-in hybrid shafts
Rob Allison

posted on 24/6/16 at 01:16 AM Reply With Quote
Sierra lsd with push-in hybrid shafts

Borrowed the following info about fitting a 7" LSD diff to a push-in rear end sierra setup. 100mm joints only.

Start with prepping the driveshafts. Make "hybrid" driveshafts with push in joints outboard and lobro joints inboard. Use push in driveshafts that have outside diameter of 27 mm, this is because they have the right splines on the inboard side to fit the lobro joints. using the smaller lobro type i.e. 100mm, the bigger ones, 108mm don't fit.

First brake the push in type joint's outer shell.

Then remove the locking clip and hammer the rest of the joint out.

Now the lobro joint will slip on easily, just push it on and attach locking clip, grease up and fit the rubber boots.

And now we have a driveshaft that will fit between a 7" visco diff and drum brakes. Repeat for the other side

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posted on 24/6/16 at 12:21 PM Reply With Quote
I did this a few years back and was perhaps lucky I had the correct driveshafts to allow it. One point I would make is that of the first two lobro joints I bought only one went far enough onto the splines to allow a secure fitting of the circlip. The other was just a few thou too thick. Took it back and swapped it for another seemingly identical lobro which fitted fine.
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