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Author: Subject: Mk2 MX5 on ITB's

posted on 16/1/18 at 12:26 PM Reply With Quote
Mk2 MX5 on ITB's

Is anyone running the 1.8 mk1 or 2 MX5 on ITB's? I have an Omex 600 and am looking at ITB's, if so any good?

(I dont want turbo or SC)


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posted on 16/1/18 at 05:49 PM Reply With Quote
Check out Blink Motorsport

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posted on 16/1/18 at 06:01 PM Reply With Quote
There wont be many as NA tuning is such an expensive way to get gains on the mx5 engines. The reason they respond so well to boost is they were basically a motor designed and built for boost that had the turbo removed.
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posted on 16/1/18 at 11:26 PM Reply With Quote
What are you trying to achieve? There are a number of builds on MX5Nutz and Mighty5s to pick through.

The general consensus both sides of the pond is that you would do all the other breathing mods and get to 90-100 bhp/litre ish before the next logical step is switching to ITBs. And you would do it for the throttle response (which is pretty decent on the standard inlet) rather than bhp figures.

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Charlie C

posted on 17/1/18 at 06:52 AM Reply With Quote

The problem with tuning an MX5 engine is nearly everyone will tell you to go the FI route. Personally, I have a 1.6 engine with ITB's its sounds great is simple to install and set up compared to FI, if your not focused on huge BHP against ITB's add to the fun of the driving experience.

The problem with the MX5 engine from what I've read is they are an old engine with poor port design compared with modern engines, but they respond well to FI. I gather that the BHP limit of 1.8 normally asperated engine is about 185bhp without increasing the rev limit above 7500rpm at which point the rods can start to fail. The limit of an FI engine is about 250bhp and which point again the rods fail because of the boost pressure. thats the genral message i get from reading US and UK miata/mx5 forums.

Another issue with tuning a MK2 1.8 is they have bucket under shim lifters which make cam installation a bit more of a pain getting the gap set correctly compared to the MK1 which has hydraulic lifters which take up the slack. I've found changing the cam gave the most notible change

As your in Hampshire have a chat with
Basset Down Balancing type there name in to google and you'll see lots of good comments, they also built my engine and the quality is fantastic.

A bit further a field Dale at Bailey Performance set my ITB's he has patients of a saint, he installs ITBs and FI to MX5s. Top chap.

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