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Author: Subject: Rally Designs Alloy Uprights (billet version)

posted on 2/6/18 at 09:51 AM Reply With Quote
Rally Designs Alloy Uprights (billet version)

Morning folks

Is anyone on here running the new RD alloy uprights that are made from “drop forged billet”?

The photo on the website looks like the old version, just in black rather than gold, but it’s low resolution and only of the front. I’m keen to see what they actually look like if someone could post a few photos of them.

I hadn’t heard of drop forging alloy previously, I get it for steel, I assumed when I heard they were now billet that they’d be CNCd.

Any further info on them, such as grade of alloy etc would be interesting.

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Andy B

posted on 2/6/18 at 08:25 PM Reply With Quote
We have been using them with our own geometry adaptors as the base for the Arion and Typhon upright assemblies - we’ve hammered the crap out of the cars and no problems at all
Best regards

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posted on 3/6/18 at 06:48 AM Reply With Quote

I hadn’t heard of drop forging alloy previously

"Drop Forging" is a process that can be applied to all metals. Requires lot's of heat and shaped Die blocks to form a softened metal into a new shape.

I was an Apprentice at a company that used Drop Forging to make may different parts from all sorts of metals, like;

    Gas Turbine blades; from Titanium or Inconel
    Gas Turbine 'Compressor Blades'; from exotic Aluminium alloys
    Wheels for Tanks and Armoured vehicles; from exotic Aluminium alloys
    F1 Wheels; exotic Aluminium alloys
    Components for the Nuclear Power Industry; from Magnesium

It provides advantage for highly stressed and loaded components because you have a refined and consolidated grain structure in the finished part. This helps to strengthen the part and reduces the likelyhood of cracking.

PS; no idea if any of this applies to the bits you're asking about


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posted on 3/6/18 at 07:16 PM Reply With Quote
JAG - interesting information.

Andy B - I’d be interested to know more about your geometry adapters, I’m in the process of moving from Sierra uprights to something lighter, with better geometry and a widened front track, one of the items I’d like to avoid is a rod end on the of the upright as load will be going through it in a way its not designed to be used.

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