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Author: Subject: R1 clutch 5pw

posted on 29/4/19 at 09:27 AM Reply With Quote
R1 clutch 5pw

Hi guys, I did a hill climb on the weekend in my 5pw powered mini and completely destroyed the clutch and siezed some plates together locking it all up.
I know everyone says to go for a Barnett conversion but I can't afford at this stage. I am just running 2 diaphragm springs and standard frictions and steels. I never had any slip before and I'm sure that it was my error that cooked the clutch by slipping it trying to get up a steep hill after stalling.
What are the better options for friction plates and steel plates?

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posted on 30/4/19 at 11:27 AM Reply With Quote
Genuine friction and steels and double diaphragm spring is commonly quoted as best. Mine's a later 5vy motor but mate's with 5pw have given theirs loads of abuse with no issues like that.

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posted on 18/5/19 at 05:45 PM Reply With Quote
Only time I have had problems is with cheap frictions and the wrong oil. They can overheat it you sit stationary in gear with the clutch engaged for long periods. But even then once called all is good again.

Are you sure the clutch isnít slipping?

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