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Author: Subject: Wanted: Megasquirt tune/map

posted on 11/10/19 at 06:41 AM Reply With Quote
Wanted: Megasquirt tune/map

I'm about to tune my supercharged Zetec and was wondering if anyone has a tune I can have a look at, really interested in the boosted timing and AFR tables. Car is a 2.0 ltr blacktop Zetec with a M62 SC running though a charge cooler and produces up 11.5 PSI of boost, controlled with a MicroSquirt. Current slightly played with tables below:





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posted on 11/10/19 at 09:13 AM Reply With Quote
I think you need to be targeting richer than that under boost. I'd be looking to to -1 on the top line of the AFR table and then interpolate from the 95 line to the top line.

Fuel map looks very odd.

Timing looks ok, if tuning on the road maybe want to take a little more out just to be safe.

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posted on 12/10/19 at 09:18 AM Reply With Quote
I would suggest that you get over to the MS Forums. Lots of help available.
I echo what has already been said re. your tables.
Your fuel table looks somewhat "unique" but may get the car running off boost.
A lot will depend on how efficient your chargecooler is.

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