throttle ret spring.JPG
Donor Car small.jpg
Donor brake thingy.jpg
Donor diff bracket.jpg
Donor diff with bracket.jpg
Donor half shaft and hub.jpg
Donor Prop shaft front end.jpg
Donor Prop shaft.jpg
Donor Rear Brake Back Plate.jpg
Aug 06 042 small.jpg
painted gearbox small.jpg
electrolosis machine small.jpg
KC April 07 013.jpg
May 07 044.jpg
May 07 042.jpg
May 07 045.jpg
2May 07 004.jpg
4avatar 2.JPG
June 07 032 small.JPG
June 07 006 small.JPG
a 011.jpg
a 093.jpg
a 105.jpg
B 015 small.jpg
June 07 010.jpg
Copy of qwe 015.jpg
TPS Plug small.JPG
engine g box 040 resized.JPG
some bodywork feb08.JPG
EDIS 4 small.JPG
EDIS 4 small 2.JPG
backpanel small.jpg
feb08 011 small.JPG
going in small.JPG
engine installed small.JPG
engine in small.JPG
Fuel Pump small.jpg
Carbs small 1.jpg
Carbs small 2.jpg
Carbs small 3.jpg
themostat hsg small 1.JPG
themostat hsg small 2.JPG
steering wheel boss small.JPG
cvh alt mount small bit removed.JPG
zetec thingy small.JPG
another zetec thingy small.JPG
dash layout small.JPG
tunel wiring small.JPG
boot wiring small.JPG
rear end small.JPG
front end small.JPG
rear arch protectors cut out.JPG
top ball joint small.JPG
inlet gasket small.JPG
lights on small.JPG
2TPS Plug small.JPG
MPH view small.JPG
dash pre sva.JPG
pre sva.JPG
1 week till SVA.JPG
1   week till SVA.JPG
1 _ week till SVA.JPG
SVA 6 March  09 007 frosty.JPG
SVA 6 March  09 012 burger van.JPG
SVA 6 March  09 018 passed SVA.JPG
yellow stripe.JPG
stripe and passat.JPG
DVLA insp avatar.JPG
dash post sva.JPG
2Air Filter.JPG
catch tank choice.JPG
Air Filter Hole.JPG
8engine bay.JPG
3drive shaft.JPG
Sept09 036.jpg
Sept09 037.jpg
cooling diagram.JPG
finished car1.JPG
2engine bay small.JPG
4dash small.JPG
3seats small.JPG
air-filter marking up.JPG
finisher air filter hole.JPG
grill small.JPG
snow in JHB.JPG
engine in 003.jpg
engine in 004.jpg
May 07 005.jpg
small cycle wing bend.JPG
small 7s at Legoland.JPG
BMW M5 Gone.jpg
skype problem.jpg
thunderbirds base.png
2thunderbirds base.png
Dec08 058 - Carbs small.jpg
gear lever small KS.jpg
type 9  small KS 3.jpg
Lagos Kwik Fit.jpg
Hawker Hunter at Hurn Apt.jpg
vulcan cockpit.jpg
vulcan at Hurn Apt.jpg
front ns tyre 1x.JPG
front ns tyre 3x.JPG
Angola car security.JPG
seat pads IMG_1389.JPG
seat pads IMG_1390.JPG
big kids go kart.jpg
pipe spring clip 33.jpg
engine in 032.jpg
engine in 032.jpg
engine in 037.jpg
2engine in 032.jpg
18aug08 021.jpg
218aug08 021.jpg
presva_feb09 006.jpg
presva_feb09 002.jpg
air filter Mac 1.JPG
air filter mac 2.JPG
adjustable vent 1.jpg
adjustable vent 2.jpg
rear view of gear stick.jpg
side view of gear stick.jpg
new gearstick.jpg
raised gearbox.jpg
2Diffuser 1.jpg
Diffuser 2.jpg
Diffuser 3.jpg
Diffuser 4.jpg
diffuser 10.jpg
diffuser 11.jpg
diffuser 12.jpg
diffuser 13.jpg
diffuser 14.jpg
diffuser 21.jpg
diffuser 22.jpg
diffuser 23.jpg
diffuser 35.jpg
diffuser 41.jpg
diffuser 42.jpg
diffuser 44.jpg
diffuser 60.jpg
diffuser 61.jpg
diffuser 62.jpg
diffuser 63.jpg
diffuser 64.jpg
Fuel Pump inertia switch 1.jpg
Faulty ABS Sensor.jpg
2Catch Tank 1.jpg
Catch Tank 2.jpg
sump testing.jpg
Modified Engine Mounts.jpg
Catch Tank 3.jpg
Catch Tank 4.jpg
Catch Tank 5.jpg
Catch Tank 6.jpg

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