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Author: Subject: Another mx5 build.

posted on 18/5/15 at 09:52 AM Reply With Quote
Ah that's what I needed to hear, thank you.
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posted on 25/7/17 at 03:06 PM Reply With Quote
Hi guys,

I'm now thinking about my cars body electrics and I want to be sure I have the correct number of switches in mind to order.

1. Side lights
2. Dip beam
3. Main beam
4. Main flash
5. Rear fog
6. Hazards

Re indicators, I'm tempted to make some sort of column mounted switch arrangement, one for each side. Would I correct in saying that so long as they are marked as indicator switches, are visible from the drivers seat and they illuminate to show they are working then I'm good to go?

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Angel Acevedo

posted on 25/7/17 at 03:51 PM Reply With Quote
How are you sorting your Steering Column?
If your steering column has some of them, you may not need that many...

I am using a Pontiac Matiz Steering wheel.
I wonŽt have wipers, so IŽll be using The Wipers switch to power a Fan Override.
Then, IŽll have everything on the column mounted Stalks except for the Hazards.

Beware of what you wish.. for it may come true....

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posted on 7/7/18 at 10:45 AM Reply With Quote
Hi guys,

Could someone critique my intended hazard light switch circuit please.

This is almost identical to how I have it atm but the hazard relay is fed by an ignition feed and there is no diode.

I thought the pictured circuit may work as if I give the hazard relay a battery feed I don't want it then feeding the standard indicator circuit with 12v say if I left the indicator switch engaged to either side and using the hazards when the ignition is off.

Also, Does anyone know how I'd wire up a standard mk1 3 wire mx5 alternator if I wasn't using a warning light? I understand I'd need a resistor and diode in the exciter wire but I'm unsure of what rating resistor if there was no lamp involved.

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